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Asset and Wealth Management

We all face risk every day, but the risks you face in retirement are some of the most significant ones since you can’t, or won’t want to, go back to work to regain your losses. It’s not possible to avoid every bump in the road, such as market fluctuations, taxes, and inflation. But a sound financial plan will include risk management as a key component, to help you minimize your exposure to these factors. We will help you understand the risks you will face in retirement, and help you create a plan to help protect your future.


You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” A well planned, diversified portfolio will help to reduce the effect of a negative stock or bond market. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading money managers to provide what we feel are the best, “risk adjusted portfolios” available anywhere.  We help you understand that being too conservative can sometimes be as damaging as being too aggressive. Some of our portfolios are “Strategically” managed, rebalanced quarterly, while others are “Tactically” managed and have day to day management. We help you understand the proper mix of asset classes, that fit your risk tolerance as you prepare for and progress through retirement.



Tax laws seem to change every few years these days especially those that involve estate law and taxation.  We can partner up with your attorney to create a plan to reduce or eliminate taxes and losses that could occur when passing assets to the next generation. If you don’t have an attorney you are currently working with, we can recommend one for you. In addition to estate preservation tactics, we are also experts in the proper use of certain life insurance products that are designed to maximize the amount of your estate and create special tax advantages. Using a well-designed life insurance plan can un lock other assets that can be used by you to help fund your retirement.



As we age, we all run the risk of developing certain chronic health conditions that will seriously impair our ability to live completely independently. More than 70% of us will need some form of assisted living, home health care or nursing care before we die. With the proper planning we can show you how to plan for that risk.  Paying premiums for Long Term Care policies takes funds away form your retirement income and reduces the amount of your estate you will pass on.  We can show you a better way.


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